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**Note: Investigational use only and not available for commercial sale. Pending 510(k) clearance.

Your Automated Multiplex Solution......
The Dynex® Multiplier® is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer that provides major workflow simplification. The Multiplier® ease-of-use reduces the pre-analytical steps while meeting results output by combining the power of multiplexing multiple assays with the simplicity of automated microplate processing.

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Automated multiplexing in your laboratory just got faster and easier

The Multiplier® intuitive operational interface makes it easier to set up, run, walkaway and train, reducing operator learning curve time and improving overall ease of operation. With its large capacity to process 100 samples and provide up to 1200 results for these samples, very high lab productivity and reagent savings can be achieved.

High output, automated multiplex laboratory equipment, in a small footprint

At the core of the Multiplier® are powerful automated processes that save time and reagents while providing full immunoassay automation from sample loading to results.

  • Up to 6 assays per well and per sample from only 10ul of sample make it ideal for all patient sampling including pediatric specimens.
  • Reagent usage reduced up to 6-fold and typical lab labor is reduced 10-fold.
  • Powerful ‘Results to LIMS’ interfacing.
  • Very space conserving benchtop footprint.
  • Improve your financial outcomes

    • Increase your value-added contribution—the simplicity and walk-away capabilities of running the Multiplier® reduces labor time and cost
    • The Multiplier® pre-analytical run set up takes only 8 minutes drastically reducing and simplifying hands on time.
    • Reduce your time to results for up to 1,152 results in a single run
    • The Dynex® Multiplier® utilizes less consumables than multiple singleplex ELISA assay testing
    • Improve your workflow efficiency with Multiplier SmartPLEX vs ELISA singleplex
    • More space in your laboratory refrigerator—SmartPLEX® Technology reduces your inventory storage and reagent inventory management

    Simple to use yet superior reproducibility. Sensitive and specific. Intelligent automation in a low cost package. With the addition of Multiplier®revolutionizing technology, the possibilities are endless.

    Experience the Multiplier® with SmartPLEX® Technology.

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