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DYNEX® Certified Consumables

What Are DYNEX® Certified Consumables?

DYNEX®’s total solution innovations include more than just the instrument — the sample and reagent tips used are integral components of the controlled system. ONLY DYNEX® Certified Consumables are specifically designed and produced for DYNEX® analyzers, ensuring proper tip fit with superior accuracy and performance. Beware of imitators who have tried and failed to replicate DYNEX®’s tip designs, leading to unreliable results.

DYNEX® Technologies has built a reputation for providing innovative system solutions with real-world value. Break free from what’s been done in the past and reach a new level of automation, consistency and performance with our cutting-edge laboratory equipment supplies.

While we’re known best for our original fully automated ELISA Systems, our solutions extend far beyond this design. We’re committed to meeting the vital needs of healthcare facilities and laboratories — no matter how small. This is where DYNEX® Certified Consumables come in.

Our instrument solutions include a full-scale library of supplies geared toward lab use. While the big machinery is a crucial starting point, we know the details matter too. You need quality supplies and consumables to properly label, test and transfer samples. The quality of these consumables is just as important to your successful operation as your ELISA System.

Note – DYNEX®’S certified sample and reagent pipette tips are designed specifically for DYNEX® systems and are classified as accessories under the In-Vitro Diagnostic Directive 98/79/EC.

Dynex certified consumables
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The benefits of choosing DYNEX® Certified Consumables include:

  • Specific designs: All DYNEX® certified samples and reagent pipette tips were constructed for DYNEX systems, leading to an unparalleled fit.
  • Quality control: DYNEX® has propriety validation and protocols set in place to ensure that users receive the best performance possible. Our quality control protocols guarantee our performance claims and provide added protection to our customers.
  • Protected systems: Using tips from third-party pipette vendors on any of our DYNEX® systems can negatively impact the system’s performance. Because of the mismatched fit, unauthorized tips can disrupt the system’s workflow and even cause intrinsic damage. Ensure peace of mind and enhanced workflow with a DYNEX® Certified Consumable.

Order Your ELISA DYNEX® Analyzer Consumables Online Today

Outfit your lab with the finest quality equipment by ordering from DYNEX®. You’ll ensure a seamless fit and perfect execution with DYNEX® Certified Consumables. Order yours online now, or reach out to our team for more information or a no-obligation quote.

Dynex Technologies certified consumables

Explore our list of unique certified consumables, including instruments such as:

  • Reagent pipette tips*
  • Sample pipette tips*
  • Reagent tubes in a variety of sizes
  • Barcode labels
  • Control vials
  • Deep well and mixing well strips
  • Strip holders

*Defined as IVD accessories

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Experience the Benefits of DYNEX Certified Consumables

Throughout our history, we’ve become known for long-lasting design. Our innovative solutions are made to last even with daily use. This durable design doesn’t just include our renowned ELISA Systems — it also extends to our certified consumables. We believe the equipment you use to complete your vital daily operations should adhere to the same standards of quality and reliability as your busiest and most expensive machinery. That’s why we offer a complete list of vials, tubes, tips and labels designed to deliver peak performance results.

Our DYNEX® Certified Consumables are the only instruments on the market designed with DYNEX® instruments in mind, which means our consumables offer an exclusive fit and unmatched accuracy that you won’t find anywhere else. The quality of your work is worth the investment — don’t settle for less with a poorly matched imitation.

Order yours online now, or reach out to our team for more information or a no-obligation quote.

Order yours online now, or reach out to our team for more information or a no-obligation quote.

Dynex consumables for automated ELISA machines