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DYNEX® Certified Service

DYNEX® Certified Services

When you purchase a new ELISA system, you’re making a long-term investment. You need to make sure your workers are equipped to use it properly and that your system has the support it needs to provide reliable services for years to come.

DYNEX® Technologies has experienced, well-trained technicians who can come to your aid at any time. Whether you’re doing research or developing a product, our DYNEX® certified services can help you stay productive and economical.


What Is DYNEX® Certified Services?

DYNEX® certified services, offered by DYNEX® technicians, are designed to help you maximize the potential of your new ELISA equipment. As a manufacturer of high-quality automated microplate workstations and instruments for the healthcare industry, we understand the importance of equipment quality and safety.

Our services include installation, training and after-sale preventive maintenance. If you need help managing your ELISA technology, one of our experts can offer the support you need.

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DYNEX® System Maintenance

Are you committed to keeping your ELISA equipment in top condition? If so, you may benefit from DYNEX® ELISA machine services. Wear and tear on your equipment or instruments can eventually cause them to fail. In an industry where precision and efficiency are essential, it’s important to inspect and maintain your equipment regularly.

If you start to notice performance inconsistencies or want to optimize your ELISA equipment, one of our technicians will provide an effective preventive maintenance strategy. This extends your equipment’s service life and reduces the need for emergency repairs.

ELISA System Installation

Installing new machinery can cut into your schedule and take time away from daily operations. Why waste time when you can delegate the installation process to an expert who’s spent years working with ELISA equipment?

If you want to integrate a more convenient automated testing solution with your processes, we can accelerate the transition by offering complete installation services. We will set up the entire unit and configure the system according to your requirements.

To learn more about the DYNEX® singleplex® ELISA, please contact the Dynex® customer service department: techservice@dynextechnologies.com or 800.288.2354

To learn more about the DYNEX® singleplex® ELISA, please contact the Dynex® customer service department: techservice@dynextechnologies.com or 800.288.2354

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ELISA System Training

One of the most important parts of implementing a new microplate system is ensuring your workers are properly trained to use it. Effective communication and training are essential parts of moving from one process to another, especially in larger corporations that have more employees.

All of our ELISA products come with certified training services from DYNEX®. With our help, your workers can learn from experienced professionals who are well-versed in the features and benefits of ELISA technology. This smooths over the transition to the new system, helping reduce the risk of additional costs and unscheduled downtime.


DYNEX® Technologies Is Your ELISA System Partner

DYNEX® products offer accurate testing capabilities and allow you to load more microplate samples at one time. If you’re making the switching to ELISA technology, we’ll be your long-term service provider and partner. For more information about certified services for ELISA machines, you can connect with us online or give us a call at 703-631-7800 now.

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