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ELISA System Maintenance

Behind every DYNEX® Technologies ELISA System is an entire team of experts. We’ve stretched the limits of current technology to create an innovative breakthrough in ELISA Systems — and our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with manufacture and distribution. We’ll continue to stand behind our products even after they’re in your hands, offering ELISA Systems repair as well as preventative maintenance services.

What Is DYNEX® Certified Service?

If you’ve recently purchased a DYNEX® Automated ELISA processing system, you’ll soon discover its tremendous value in your laboratory. Designed to streamline efficiency, cut down your labor time and improve the consistency of your results, ELISA Systems are an investment that provides long-lasting benefits.

To ensure that your system continues operating at peak performance, it’s crucial that you follow a regular maintenance schedule. Maintenance will catch any minor issues before they become bigger problems, allow for replacements and repairs as necessary and make sure your system is performing smoothly at all times. With regular ELISA Systems maintenance, you’ll keep your laboratory’s workflow and productivity uninterrupted.

This is where DYNEX® Certified Service comes in. No one knows our systems better than us. We’ve designed the details of each system and can troubleshoot any issues with a trained eye. We offer a range of DYNEX® Certified Contract Options, each of which includes preventive maintenance by factory-certified engineers trained in DYNEX® technologies.

Regular ELISA System repair and maintenance service will ensure that you receive certified care from the source. As a result, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing your vital system is being analyzed, maintained and repaired by the ultimate experts.

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Service from the Source

DYNEX® Technologies stands behind every system we produce.  We have our own factory-trained technicians throughout the U.S. to provide DYNEX® Certified Service and preventive maintenance.  We offer a range of service agreements that can ensure an onsite technician in as soon as 24 hours. 

Our comprehensive service and support contracts mean you can access the best possible care exactly when you need it. If a problem arises with any of your systems, we’ll be able to provide a solution so that your laboratory can return to its crucial work as quickly as possible.

Contact us to learn more about our service agreements, warranties and original manufactured spare parts and consumables.


Service Outside the U.S.

Services for DYNEX® systems outside the US are managed by our international team of DYNEX® distributors, with factory-trained service for DYNEX® instruments.
Please contact your DYNEX® distributor directly, or
contact us for more information.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep your instruments in top condition with our preventive maintenance services. Our ELISA Systems service maintenance can be scheduled on a regular basis or take the form of an occasional check-in as needed. Regularly scheduled servicing will result in the best care, helping us maintain seamless performance as well as notice, replace and repair any small issues before they become problematic. Our preventive maintenance also includes technical support in case a user issue or question arises.

In addition to maintenance checks, DYNEX® is dedicated to providing the best user experience possible with each ELISA System. While our systems are designed to be user-friendly with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, we know there are applications operators may not know how to use. We can help with that too.

If you’d like to make the most of your ELISA system — or need help training new operators to use it — we can offer support. Our experienced specialists can offer operator training services that will make sure you’re optimizing your system to its fullest capacity. These services can also help to minimize the risk of misuse and help your system run smoothly for years to come.

In need of any repair or maintenance services for your ELISA System?

To learn more about the DYNEX® Certified Service contract options, please contact your DYNEX distributor directly, or contact us for more information.

In need of any repair or maintenance services for your ELISA System?

To learn more about the DYNEX® Certified Service contract options, please contact your DYNEX distributor directly, or contact us for more information.

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