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ELISA Equipment Training

ELISA is a test that identifies and quantifies the antibodies in a sample. It is a standard laboratory procedure because of its sensitivity, fast deployment, and easy automation. These benefits lead to results that are accurate and specific and are therefore reliable. However, the ELISA test’s reliability is dependent upon the user employing proper technique.

Training for automated ELISA systems by Dynex Technologies provides laboratory technicians with the knowledge they need to use these machines and interpret the results. It will increase awareness of and skills used for accepted ELISA techniques.

ELISA machine in use

The automated ELISA workstation will include these components:

  • Controls
  • Coated plates
  • Sample diluent
  • Wash concentrate
  • Substrate
  • Conjugate
  • Stop solution
dispensing liquid into test tubes

The general procedure for testing follows these steps:

  1. Coating: The antibody is immobilized to the well’s surface during incubation.
  2. Capture: The sample is added to the well, and the antibodies will capture the proteins.
  3. Blocking: An irrelevant protein or molecule is added to the well to cover all unsaturated binding sites.
  4. Detection: A detection antibody is added to the well to help identify the protein that was captured.
  5. Conjugate: A conjugate is added to the well to bind to the detection antibody.
  6. Substrate: A colorimetric substrate is added to the well. When the enzyme catalyzes it, it will take on a visible color.
  7. Analysis: The machine determines the amount of protein in the sample.
medical test tubes

Dynex Technologies’ machines automate every step of this procedure, taking care of tasks like:

  • Pipetting samples.
  • Diluting samples.
  • Adding reagents.
  • Washing plates.
  • Incubating with necessary shaking.
  • Reading results.
  • Performing data reduction.
Inside of an ELISA machine during testing

Dynex Technologies Training Services

Dynex Technologies is available to provide the training required for running the ELISA machine. Initial training is standard with our installation service, so you will receive a quality machine, have it professionally installed and learn how to use it.

When you buy any of our automated products, we offer familiarization training. This educational course provides the technicians who will use the machine with information about its features, characteristics and functions. Our factory-trained technicians will come to your facility to perform the training for a valuable hands-on learning experience.

After we have trained your team, your laboratory can test several samples at once to get results quicker, boost productivity and enjoy the other benefits of automated processing.

Dynex Technologies Multiplier with SmartPLEX Technology

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Our training service will sufficiently prepare your team to use the automated ELISA machine every day with speed and accuracy. To learn more about our Dynex ELISA equipment training, contact us today.