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The DYNEX® Story

The Dynex® Story

Founded over 60 years ago, DYNEX® TECHNOLOGIES, Inc., is a leading designer and manufacturer of fully-automated ELISA microplate workstations, laboratory instruments and associated consumables and accessories, seamlessly integrating advanced detection with fully-automated sample handling.

Our talented, multidisciplinary staff of approximately 150 people worldwide includes design and service engineers, applications scientists, marketing specialists and precision-manufacturing experts. All dedicated to perpetual innovation in product design and new application frontiers to deliver cutting-edge microplate processing systems that meet the rigorous demands of the most challenging applications and ultimately improve health outcomes and enhance life.

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Redefined ELISA automation with the launch of the AGILITY® workstation
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DYNEX delivered innovation and efficiency with the introduction of the compact 2-plate DS2® ELISA
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Created the DSX® - a fully automated four-plate walk-away ELISA workstation
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Went to market with the first contiguous ELISA processing system that included reader, incubator, multi-reagent dispense and washer modules
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First to automate microplate reading and manual microplate ELISA washers
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Automated dispensing, diluting and pipetting / Introduced the first manual microplate ELISA reader and molded immunoassay microplates
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Renamed Dynatech® Laboratories
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Introduced the first disposable Microtiter plate and system
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Founded as Cooke Engineering

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