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ELISA in Clinical Research and Labs

ELISA in Clinical Research and Labs

ELISA is a laboratory test designed to identify antibodies, antigens, hormones and other micro substances in blood and other liquid samples. With lab equipment to test antibodies, it’s possible to diagnose illnesses, do clinical research and more. You can do better research in the laboratory with the help of automated ELISA solutions from DYNEX® Technologies today.

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The Benefits of Automated ELISA in Clinical Research

ELISA is the preferred immunoassay method in the healthcare industry thanks to its simplicity and accuracy. In sampling applications, it can detect, and even quantify, a variety of substances that might be present in the sample. This makes it the ideal solution for many different facets of healthcare, including diagnostics, environmental testing, drug testing, forensics, food safety and immunology.

Using automated technology to boost ELISA applications can improve your performance in the laboratory.


Benefits of Using Automated Clinical Diagnostic Machines Include

  • Improved accuracy: When you’re doing research for the medical field, accuracy is one of the most important elements to maintain. Automated technology reduces the risk of human error in the lab and ensures every result is on point. It also helps streamline the process, resulting in fewer misplaced samples and more reliable data.
  • Faster results: Clinical lab automation for ELISA applications speeds up sampling operations. Automated testing equipment can handle multiple samples at one time without experiencing a single delay or interruption. This increases laboratory uptime and helps you serve your customers in the healthcare industry more quickly.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Investing in an ELISA system can be a smart way to lower costs and protect your organization’s bottom line. With fewer errors and more room to spread out resources, you’ll be able to improve your finances and use the expenses saved to improve your research capabilities. ELISA equipment also uses cost-effective reagents, which makes it an economical choice compared to other methods.

How DYNEX® Technologies Can Take Your Research Techniques to the Next Level

Our goal is to deliver automated ELISA solutions that meet your requirements so you can improve outcomes both in the lab and in patient health. We set the standard for microplate testing by designing and manufacturing cutting-edge systems that do more of the work for you than ever before.

Our ELISA automation systems walk you through the process of applying reagents and placing samples for testing. The equipment handles the rest, running the microplates through sample testing with precise controls and mechanisms. The DYNEX AGILITY® system, for example, can handle up to 12 samples at once, and the Multiplier offers a unique level of precision and consistency.

If you’re looking for a system that can help you set higher productivity goals, consider choosing the DYNEX DS2® or DSX®. For the last two years, our DS2® has upheld an uptime standard of 98.5% when the average time between failure targets is 250 days, while the DSX® has maintained a 98.2% standard.

To learn more about the DYNEX® ELISA Systems, please contact the Dynex® customer service department: customerservice@dynex.com or 800.288.2354

To learn more about the DYNEX® ELISA Systems, please contact the Dynex® customer service department: customerservice@dynex.com or 800.288.2354

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Our clinical diagnostics machines transform your ELISA applications into faster, more effective operations. Save time and improve your success rate in the lab today by using automated ELISA systems in your clinical research projects. To learn more about our solutions, contact DYNEX® today.

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